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199-SEXY to the rescue! (continued)

May 11th 2006 13:10
Even before email and messenger facilities there were answering machines that allowed us to dodge any actual human contact. But these services usually assist us in conversing, however statically, with people we already know and just don’t have time – or don’t want to make time – for a decent conversation over the phone or over a coffee. Many people may have thought this aloof nature of interaction couldn’t possibly develop further than internet chat rooms where we aren’t even sure whether we are talking to someone of the description provided to us. A tall blonde, blue-eyed guy in his 20s with incredibly tanned skin and killer looks could actually be a hunchbacked middle-aged hermit who preys on a discussion of sexual fantasies with young girls… eww…

Just in case you’ve recently been rescued from the islands of Thurston or Attu after years of isolation and haven’t the foggiest concept of what I’m jabbering about, let me welcome to the technology era of tele-cafes, ‘7 men in 7 minutes’ speed dating and sms rendezvousing (and dumping); where chance dating is a thing of the past. It’s all about picking and choosing, tailoring your next interaction with your ultimately desirable character.

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Comment by Stanley

May 14th 2006 06:08
Wow! How fascinating this snaring of the sexes has become. I have always wanted to comment on your 'about me', um, thingo for the lack of a better term because I am such an utter dunce! Kudos for scoring a gig in the media industry because as a media and communications graduate I can attest to how hard that really is! It’s been such an ordeal that I am actually studying law! Eek! And since I am bored senseless this faceless individual is going to type some random things for you but don’t worry I am not about to talk about McLuhan, Hall, or my personal fave Habermas!

Um, now that I have stated that I am going to type some random musings I actually don’t have anything to say. Okay, we’ll just go with the subject at hand about dating advice. Hmmm, I actually don’t have anything to add either. I guess my only recourse now is to apologise for wasting a minute of your time that you’ll never get back! Other than that it is a jungle out there with the dating thing and just a minefield of misadventure! I salute everyone out there in the dating game!

Comment by kate

May 14th 2006 10:49
Thank you for your comment Stanley!

I am totally empathetic to your experience with the media industry. I have uni 2 days a week and the other three are full with work experience i.e no pay! I'm glad my intro could entertain you or at least arouse a response.
I hope law is working for you though. I can't wait to get out of uni (final year!) and into the real workforce, but the experience is what really counts I guess - invaluable stuff really, just leaves no time for anything non-degree related at the moment

The dating world is indeed a mystery and a confusing one at that. I guess I have a few guys to thank for breaking my heart and making so angry and upset - otherwise I'd have no grounds to base my advice on, haha. I'm here to share and help and reassure you that it sucks but always turns out better than expected - whatever your personal situation!

Comment by kate

May 15th 2006 10:47

In the past hour I’ve left 4 voice messages, sent 3 emails and engaged in a messenger conversation – all about different subjects and all at the same time. Perhaps that’s a female multi-tasking issue, or perhaps the nature of simple and emotionally unreceptive communication enables us to in fact form a greater number of relationships. So are we placing far too much emphasis on quantity rather than quality of human networks?

I haven’t seen my boyfriend for about a week and I’m starting to miss those “you’re beautiful, your smile’s adorable” compliments and the spontaneous kisses he plants on me. Don’t get me wrong, he has tried with profuse text messages, but “I love your eyes xx” doesn’t really possess as much passion and intimacy as the real deal. Another sign that mobile phones are increasing and maintaining communication but have severely contributed to the lack of emotion in these widespread relationships (I say that as I send a “goodnight darling, I love you” to my guy).

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